Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 6th, Tuesday... I listen to sports talk radio every morning and there are certain times during a season when the news becomes monotonous, boring, and overstated! This latest thing is odd to me because it is news that is out of season but the discovery reared it (ugly) head now so... (Is there a "snitch" in the mist?) Somehow it has been revealed that "bounties" have been placed on certain players on certain NFL teams! "SHOCKER!" Greg Williams, a defensive coordinator, by trade, initiated this "bounty" thing as a motivation for his minions to play harder so that, probably, there would be a desired effect on the game!
How bored can you be to need extra incentive to knock the shit out of someone on a field? To be fair, I don't blame the players! I'm looking at the diabolical "mad scientist" defensive coordinator who sits in the film "lab" and concocts a plan to alter the fabric of the game, rubbing his hands and laughs hysterically while rearing back in his chair!
The game is violent enough without a "bounty" having to be in place. Should there be a punishment? Probably, as if pro football is not punishment enough. Think about it... Here is a game where men can go to work and beat the shit out of other men! It's built in therapy on the job! (Now if they can only find a solution for drunk driving and club shootings?)

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