Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Warped POV by A.Dacosta Brathway April 24th, Tuesday... I have noticed there are a lot of posts of kids fighting and being recorded by cell phones. What the hell is going on? Has the world really gone mad? Is "conflict resolution" a lost art? Are young people so angry that they have to commence to flying fisticuffs? My thinking is this: If I were so angry to the point of wanting to fight, I would join the MMA or whatever they call it and make some money? The economy is bad, there are no jobs and the educational system seems to be failing so why not make a little cheese? Who knows? There might be a championship belt involved? But, I think that that's too much like right! So I guess beating the crap out of someone is the soup dejour huh? I used to think that our civilization was making huge strides in preserving the planet and getting along in that process but there is global warming, the world is falling apart, people are frustrated and God is just some cat who lives upstairs! So, carry on... I'll be perched on some mountain somewhere, with my laptop tuned into Facebook, watching the news while the world falls apart. Holla when you're finished!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 19th, Thursday... Jarrod Uthoff, a 6'8" basketball player at the University of Wisconsin, is being restricted of his choices to transfer to another university by head coach Bo Ryan, and the question is: What's the point? FYI: The NCAA has restrictions for transfers. They are to sit out a year and maintain a 2.5 GPA if I am not mistaken but they do not restrict a player's choice of schools. The school in question will usually restrict a player from transferring to a school in the same conference. Bo handed in a list that had so many restricted schools on it, the kid might as well quit school and go to work for a fast food restaurant! What's the point?
Why are the athletes the ones who receive the harshest punishment when an action takes place contrary to the opinion of the school and the coach barring a criminal act? Is it the scholarship money? Four year scholarships are no longer offered to basketball players. They are now on a year to year basis. Uthoff did not play a game. He was on the bench the whole season. Why would he not want to transfer after he was Mr. Basketball in the state of Iowa and recruited by Bo Ryan and only God knows what he was told by coach when they sat in the kid's living room and discussed the "bottom line"(?). Is coach "pissed off?" Or, is he shallow to the point of wanting the kid to suffer?
And, what about the good ole NCAA? When are they going to step in and stop the madness?Probably never because they are, usually, the perpetrators of said madness! Truth be told, big time college basketball coaches are gods. Most are arrogant and full of shit! They are rich and walk around with autonomy! They are also superstitious. Bo's fear is that Uthoff will transfer to a school Wisconsin will have on their schedule, the kid will score 30 and Bo will lose the game! Shit! There goes the legacy!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 14th, Saturday... Okay... I know it's just me but I just read/heard a report of the Secret Service soliciting prostitutes to a hotel in South America. Of course this is under the watch of President Obama, our first BLACK president! Now, I know I am naive but am I to believe that this is absolutely the first time this EVER happened in the history of the Secret Service?
The President goes to Russia and none of the dignitaries would shake his hand. A Congressman addresses the First Lady's ass as being very large... Now this! I guess my question is: Why is all of this "public knowledge" now that we have a black president? Is this some kind of presidential character assassination thing, does it, by chance, have something to do with covert racism, or is it just a coincidence of some sort? What it is, is some BULL! To compromise the safety of the man and the position speaks to how fucked up the paradigm really is. The whole idea of running an "I don't know how many millions of dollars" campaign to put whomever in office to serve the agenda of whatever is a fallacy!
And... To expose this foolishness to the eyes of the world compromises the position even more./ Keep your head down Sir!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 8th, Sunday...I'm sitting here messing with the computer and the TV is on. I'm not watching it per se but I am listening to the movie that is on.It's one of those Transformer films... I don't know. The second one or the third one... [Maybe it's the fifteenth one? (Did they go that far with the sequels?)] Anyway, during a commercial break, the network (FX) has two hosts explaining some technical aspect while they were filming and I hear one of the actors say (paraphrasing here) that the special effects people were up on a hill underneath umbrellas and tents while she stood two feet from where they planted the explosives. When signaled, she had to run while the explosives went of. Mind you, she had no shelter and was, literally, running for her life! E-X-C-U-S-E M-E? Running for her life? The possibility that she could be hurt, maimed, or killed?
Ok, I am all for authenticity but damn... What happened to the stunt people? Were they too smart to do the scene because they feared for their lives? Are filmmakers too insensitive because they want to secure their investment when shooting a block buster movie?
I wanted to be an actor but my fear was that I would be type cast as a dope dealer or a pimp and a scene would call for me getting shot... And wouldn't you know it, the gun would have real bullets in it and I would be shot all up to be damned!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 5th, Thursday... How stupid is pro basketball? I just read a story on Yahoo Sports about Dwight Howard, the talented center for the Orlando Magic, being instrumental in getting Stan Van Gundy, the coach, fired at the end of the season. Van Gundy found out about it and confronted Howard and Howard flinched! First of all, the idea of a player getting the coach fired is absurd (but so real in pro basketball. Ask Magic Johnson... Yes the pun is intended!) and secondly, Don't turn "bitch" and start babbling when caught. Stand up!
Truth be told, management is the "punk" in this case. They do not seem to have the balls to stand up and be accountable. Management is allowing this to happen. Look at the irony in this B.S! Management is managing not to manage! Go figure...
So, what about the team? What about the mission? What now?
Luckily, Van Gundy probably has money! Be gone! He will work again in the league. Howard has some moola! Stay with the Magic or move on. To the rest of the team and management, stay together ans suffer!You would think that a city that has Disney World and Universal Studios could act professionally and keep up the fantasy that they are a real pro basketball team! (Amway!!! And to think that I always thought the detergent was cool!)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 1st, Sunday... I got fooled today! I'm not interested in the April Fools Day thing but I got got today. I clicked on a Facebook post today and saw a bunch of people on a New York City subway taking off their pants and drawers while riding! I guess it was an April fools joke or something. Anyway, it got me to thinking...
The cost of freedom is high (higher than gas!). Men and women are losing their lives fighting and patrolling in foreign lands while there are some who come up with idiotic ideas to pass the time. Now, I admit to not thinking about the troops during most of my day. But, I do think about the troops when I read about people abusing the privilege! C'mon, stripping in a subway car, exposing one's ass (and whatever else) and for what? Because they can?
And, what if...what if someone decides to cop a feel or poke a puss or get all worked up at the sight of someone's ass being exposed and reek havoc while in the close quarters of that subway car? What if one of the exposed has a rash and, by accident or on purpose, rub on someone and the rash is deadly and the train pulls into the 42nd St. (Times Square) station and everyone in the car is dead? Okay, what if one or some of the naked people is funky beyond belief and the odor is like a deadly gas and kills everyone in the car as it pulls into the 42nd St. (Times Square) station? Or worse, the train pulls into the Franklin Ave. station and endangers the life of those who live in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn? That would be a BIG ASS problem because the Mayor doesn't give a rat's ass about Brooklyn! Imagine that 911 call... "Hello, 911? We have a serious emergency?" "Where are you calling from?" "Brooklyn...! Hello... hello!" (Dial tone!)