Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 14th, Saturday... Okay... I know it's just me but I just read/heard a report of the Secret Service soliciting prostitutes to a hotel in South America. Of course this is under the watch of President Obama, our first BLACK president! Now, I know I am naive but am I to believe that this is absolutely the first time this EVER happened in the history of the Secret Service?
The President goes to Russia and none of the dignitaries would shake his hand. A Congressman addresses the First Lady's ass as being very large... Now this! I guess my question is: Why is all of this "public knowledge" now that we have a black president? Is this some kind of presidential character assassination thing, does it, by chance, have something to do with covert racism, or is it just a coincidence of some sort? What it is, is some BULL! To compromise the safety of the man and the position speaks to how fucked up the paradigm really is. The whole idea of running an "I don't know how many millions of dollars" campaign to put whomever in office to serve the agenda of whatever is a fallacy!
And... To expose this foolishness to the eyes of the world compromises the position even more./ Keep your head down Sir!

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