Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Check This Shit Out!

February 27th, Wednesday... I 'm sitting here reflecting on my life when this thought popped in my brain... When I was a kid, I used to lie, bigtime! If I did something wrong and got caught, I would lie to my mother because of the punishment she would bestow upon me. It amazed me how adamant my mother was about kicking my ass when she found out that I had lied about something...
As I got older, I realized that it was time to put childish things away. I stopped lying! As I matured, I came to terms with telling the truth, no matter what the cost. I learned to look whomever I was speaking to in the eyes and reveal whatever, with honesty because I became confident and strong when I told the truth. Funny... I thought my evolution was complete when I became an adult. My experience, now, is that when I tell the truth, people don't believe me! It's as if the truth is too far fetched to believe these days. Ain't that a bitch? Looking people in the eyes, verbal agreements, handshakes... That shit means nothing these days.Why give your word on your good name? Where I live, no one even uses the name their mommas gave them. (Everybody has a "nickname!") I used to rely on the news to tell the truth. Can I do that now with all of the show biz BS that goes along with it? Reality shows? What the fuck is that? What reality? Where is the truth when I am looking at a woman and she has altered her face and body with either makeup or plastic surgery or both... Or, she may not be a woman at all! I ended a relationship with a woman because of her devoted conviction to Christianity. What's wrong with that? Psychologically she was (is) dating Christ! Truth be told...
Hey, I'm done! I no longer wish to participate with this charade! No, suicide is not an option. I'll just sit on the porch and watch the (so called) "big dogs" play. The vision reminds me of my childhood, when I used to watch the L'il Rascals. Now there was some reality TV I enjoyed! No lie...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ain't This Some Shit?

February 26th, Tuesday... Considering that this is the end of "Black History Month, I was wondering how much black youth have learned about their history? I work with a psychologist and he pointed out, to me, that Black people (my people) seem to be complacent with the idea that all is okay as long as they have a big screen TV and can order carryout!
Now, I know and have been around alot of poor black folk but the common thread has been that they have a big screen TV and I don't know any black person that does not have a cell phone! (Carryout can be ordered on the run!) Has slavery and the Civil Rights Movement not made a dent? Quiet is kept, slavery is relative. The times, housing, or the lack thereof, the 'Hood are the modern day version of slavery. Black folks are enslaved to the system. We are uneducated, even though there are schools everywhere. Prisons are still being built. Amongst blacks, the crime rate is super high! Black babies are being killed at an alarming rate by, get this, other black babies! Yet the trappings of being on the planet have been reduced to watching TV and eating fast food.
Of course this does not apply to all but it does apply in places least expected. I'm sure my opinion can be debated by those who are cunning enough to manipulate the numbers from the many surveys that aid in determining the censis count and I do not claim to have surveyed anyone. However, I do work in the 'Hood and bear witness to the mindset of the youth of that 'Hood. It's a sad deal...
Black History should not be reduced to a month. There is no limitation on gaining knowledge. A cell phone can be utilized for better use and fast food is, well... need I say more?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Shit To Deal With...

February 17th, Sunday... Today is the NBA's feature Allstar game and the sports world is abuzz! Oh the pageantry of it all! On top of that, it is Michael Jordan's 50th birthday! Yay for Mike! I listen to sport's talk radio and the talking heads are making a real big deal out of it! There has been story after story about MJ's storied basketball life and I have to tell you, I am bored shitless!
It's been over 20 years since MJ won his last NBA title, which deems him "irrelevant" in my book. As far as I am concerned, LeBron James is the "now" big thing to forget about 20 years down the road! MJ won 6 NBA titles... So what! Bill Russell won eleven! MJ looked like he could fly when he jumped. So did Dr. J! (Julius Erving) To let the pundits tell it, Michael is self-centered, arrogant, shady... They say that's who he is. Who wants to be around someone like that? Funny thing, Jordan always seems to look like he doesn't want anyone around him. He is  too self-absorbed. (I wonder how many mirrors he has cracked?)
Michael once said (I am paraphrasing) "Don't be surprised if you see me in the NBA at 50!" "Paleeeeese" come back and play at 50! Please? I would love to see MJ try to compete at his age now! I'm sure Mike's take off to the basket would look like the Wright Brothers first flight! They say that he is a great "shit" talker! That's what he should be now... A shit talker. Keep your memories, live in the past, and stay on the porch! The BIG BOYS are running now. Not grumpy old men!
Today is the last day of the allstar festivities. It's also the last day for MJ's 50th birthday. Unfortunately, the allstar game will be forgotten in a few days. But, will MJ's birthday follow the same demise? Inshallah...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Some Sad Shit!

February 8th, Friday... I'm watching a program called NFL Characters Unite on USA about kids being encouraged by star athletes to express themselves, as it relates to them being bullied or harrassed for some particular reason. I'm watching and I'm feeling different emotions like anger and sorrow and fear... I'm a grown (ass) man and I'm tearing up while listening to the stories these kids are telling.
I guess I suffered somewhat when I was a kid. I had nothing, materially. But, I did have a strong mother who held it down while nurturing me with confidence and strength. I grew up with such intestional fortitude, it did not seem fair. I'm not saying that I did not have my moments when I crawled into a corner and assumed the fetal position, but even with that I gained strength!
I am meeting kids who lack confidence and courage and the will to go on. I see dispair and a hopelessness that overpowers them and it disturbs me. I see greed in agencies designed to help children. Grant money being allocated towards home improvement opposed to character improvement. Personal motorpools being enhanced instead of swimming pools being constructed for hot summer days.
I cannot get it in my head to ignore the ignorance of the gate keepers who hoard and manipulate the system, for whatever reason. I am amazed at the arrogance and gall of those who are in charge but cannot lead the charge for what is right.
I guess that is why I feel great joy to work with an organization called Higher Hopes, Inc. It was started by a brother named (Dr.) Bruce Purnell who had an epithany early on and committed himself to working with youth to help better their psychological and social condition.
It is my hope that those who read my blog will connect with Higher Hopes, Inc. and the Overground Freeway on Facebook. Click the "Like" icon and follow us! C'mon... You can do it!