Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

August 20th, Wednesday/ In hindsight, I have this theory. It can never be done but what if it were? I thought that it costs so much to do so little these days... What if money was never an option? What if there was no money but everything else stayed the same? There would still be work going on. Houses would be built, clothes would be manufactured. There would still be new cars to get... And none of these things would cost a dime. There would be healthcare, there would be food, there would be all of the things that Americans want and need without needing money to get them.

People would not have to worry about when they would get their next check. No bills to pay...No retirement, no investments, no accounts, no banks, no bad credit, no hounding phone calls, no rent, no leases, no mortgages... There would be nothing that required money to get! You could just go and get whatever you wanted and it would not be a problem. There would be no stress, no worries (mate!) Your wife would not complain, your husband would not want to kill you, your kids would have the best Christmases EVER! What if...?

Sorry, I have to stop here... I have a burial plot to buy because of the headache I have as a result of the stress I feel from thinking like this...

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

August 14th, Friday/ Okay, does Michael Vick deserve a second chance? Maybe, maybe not... Who should be the one to make that determination? First of all, America cannot make that determination. America is a country. You cannot personify America! There are dog lovers who want to crucify Vick! But are they justified in their opinion of him? Who is to say?Logically speaking, the mothers and fathers of the victimized dogs should have some say in the matter... But, that's not gonna happen.So, who should say?

I thought Michael should the one to give himself a second chance. And, I think, to some degree, he will be the one depending on his behavior. But now I am not so sure about that. I watched his press conference, and Vick said that he was mortified and "humbled" by his actions. But, wait a minute... That's in retrospect. He is "humbled" after he got caught and did some time in the timeout cell. He was not "humbled" while in the moment! How can you kill a dog and not be affected by the act itself? Maybe he has proven to have a conscious, after he got caught and heard the cries from the public and had a long talk with Goodell (NFL Commish) and Tony Dungee, the resident reform minister. But where was his compassion for the dogs he electrocuted and drowned and whatever else he did?

I was bitten by a dog once. I wanted to kill it for biting me. (No, I did not provoke the dog! He was mean!) I wanted to but I couldn't. It was a boxer and I was young and my fear was that not only could the dog bite me, it could also out box me! (These are the jokes people!)

I feel bad for Vick. He lost a crap load of money for his venture and a boat load of creditibility! He will never recoop what he has lost! He is a fallen man. Which only goes to show you that it is a dog's life! (Especially in a bad economy!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

August 1st, Saturday/ Another one bites the dust! David Ortiz, Big Poppy, has been popping the big pilly and got caught! OMG... What news! What? News? It's not news... It's nonsense! Who (should) really cares? I will tell you who should not care... The fans!
Why should the fans care about this? Sports talk radio talking heads should care because they need BS to spin! The families of and the athlete, him/herself, should care because it is their body they should be concerned about. But the fans... Oh hell no!
Fans pay to be entertained. When they see a big, strong, strapping athlete step up to the plate, or foul line, or goal line, they want excitement, results and fireworks to take place! I am paying for homeruns! Swing away "Big Poppy!" If you are gonna go down, go down in flames!
But, I am listening to fans on the radio and all I hear is whining and crying about how the game of baseball is being cheated. So what? There is enough cheating going around for everybody on both sides of the plate.
Get the hell over it fan... It is not about you and how you feel. It is about what you pay to see! You paid, you saw, "you're out of there!" Go home and make sure your wife or girlfriend is not "cheating" on you because you spent the last 6 hours of your life at the baseball field instead if being home, spending quality time with your wife, girlfriend, and kids. Remember, it's only a (reality) movie... It's only a (reality) movie!