Monday, November 30, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

November 30th, Monday/ Well, the sports world has been flipped on it's ass recently! Two extremes have erupted and rocked the sports psychic and no one seems to be able to put a finger on it. I'm talking about Allen Iverson and Tiger Woods.
The Allen Iverson saga is real easy. He is not really ready to retire but he does want to take his ball and go home... As well he should. He's done! No, not physically... He's done mentally! He wants to play the game on his terms only now. He wants to start and control the game, coaches and teammates be damned. Remember, this guy has won nothing by way of championships in the NBA. He only came close once in 14 years of service. ONCE!!! He was never nor will ever be a "team player!" Basketball, last time I checked, is a team game and everyone has to play their role. AI wants to define his role because he does not seem to understand that everybody gets him. He is a "warrior!" He has a big heart. He is tough. He is durable. Winning teams need that! But they also need everybody to be on the same page and AI is reading another book. He is not now nor ever been "The Answer." He is the question. Retire already and get it over with!
Tiger Woods had a car accident and will not talk to the police. Oh the drama! Why was he leaving his house at 2:30 am? Was he drunk? Is he seeing another woman? Why won't he talk? Should we care? Outside of their respective sport, athletes usually have nothing great to say. It may be cool but it is usually not great! (Rewind Michael Jordan's acceptance rant at the Basketball Hall of Fame Induction!) To those who felt some sort of connection with him during an interview and now feel slighted, get over it. Tiger was not talking to you then either. He was simply accommodating your request while he was on the job is all. (When was the last time you got invited to dinner at the crib?) So, don't feel bad because he is not talking and explaining his actions, or lack thereof. Golf season will soon be here. He will talk again about his (golf) swing and his (golf) clubs and his (golf) balls!