Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 26th, Sunday/ Now that this silly and unnecessary arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. is past and bygones are bygones, can it be said that racial profiling is a stupid thing to even entertain? I mean, come on... Henry Louis Gates Jr.? It was reported that Mr. Gates was seen breaking into a home with another man and they both had on hooded sweat shirts! Henry Louis Gates Jr. in a "hoodie?" Okay, he "broke into" his own home. Are you going to tell the world (me) that that situation could not be resolved at the scene? ID was provided (it was reported) at the scene so an apology could not be offered in the moment and everybody goes their separate ways? I guess not. Handcuffs had to be used and Gates had to be hauled off to the whosgow... The President had to weigh in and three (count them-3!)police unions had to confirm that the President realizes that the police have a difficult job to do in order for this to just go away?

The worry for Black men now is (or was it always?) no matter how much education you have and how much stature you may have mustered on your job and in your community, you are still subject to racial profiling! If I were President Obama, I would be extra careful about knowing where my house key is at all times!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 22nd, Wednesday/ Have you seen the new T.O. Show? I'm saying, are we finally going to get the truth about Terrell Owens? Will we get the truth about him? Do we want it? Should we care? I have to admit to being fascinated by this whole reality show thing. But my point of view is warped. I would rather have a reality show about Bobby Brown, post Whitney. He is far more interesting. He is the proverbial train wreck I would want to watch. T.O. is a subway compared to the freight train! I want my reality to be raw! Screw that "I still have money to throw away and a career!" shit! I want, "I don't have any damn money left, nor a way to get it!" shit!
American TV is a joke. The programming is all fantasy. Producers want to make bad guys look good. Who the hell is the target market? "Pardon the interruption but we would like to present to you the following BS for your viewing pleasure!" Hey man, c'mon! There is only so much of that one can shovel. After awhile the stench gets to you, you know? Lies stink worse than the truth. But, of course, I understand it when you have always lived a lie and you do not realize that you stink! I get that! But, please... VH1 is selling T.O. as a good guy. ESPN is selling him as a villain! Which one is it? (And why doesn't Jerry Jones have a reality show? What? Invasion of privacy of the sacred?) If I cannot get Bobby Brown, I want Jerry Jones! I would love to see and hear the bullshit he is slinging! However, I love the idea of the two player hating chicks he has in his camp. I guess they are his moral compasses? So what if an ass is bent over the pool table in rubber pants? Who is the show for? Men or women? Hell, it's because of the ass in the rubber pants that is the reason why I would watch it. What do I care if he (T.O.) confesses to his Grandmother that she made him the man he is today while dripping tears? (Unless it is revealed that she told him to make sure that he keeps a piece of ass in rubber pants bent over his pool table, I am not interested!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 20th, Monday/ I know that this post is not going to go over well but golf is a sad, sad sport! It's difficult to play, it's expensive as hell to play, and the prejudice that exists within the game is difficult to watch. But that is not my problem with the game. My problem is how it is covered by the media! Unless the winner is Tiger, no one else has played... Hell, no one else has ever played!
Why even bother to watch the game if Tiger is not playing. Tiger gets bumped out of the British Open and the tournament goes to shit. Lets face it, Tiger is not right since his injury. He may never be the same "Tiger" we have come to know ever again. So, what does that mean? No one else is playing? Is there anyone else worthy being reported on if Tiger is not there? I guess not! I hate watching golf because the great shots I see are not worthy if Tiger did not hit them, according to the reports. "This guy is good but..." "That guy is in the thick of things but..." "Tiger is not playing against the field, he is playing against HISTORY!" Well now he is not playing well against anybody or anything (i.e. the course, the weather, the players, HISTORY!) right now and yet there is always this disclaimer reported that, sort of, qualifies our belief (or disbelief) that what we are watching is a misnomer! And I am not even going to comment on the BLACK thing, except to say "...Don't be another BLACK player (if you can get in!)." It just seems like the sport of golf is single handedly choking the Civil Right Movement! You can be BLACK in any other sport but... Sure Tiger is BLACK, but even he does not claim it! And why should he? He would never cash in!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 12th, Sunday/ I was flipping channels and I stumbled upon MTV. MTV, BET... I don't make it a habit to watch t.v. channels that are initials but I heard something that got my attention and gave me an idea. P. Diddy... Uhh, Puff Daddy... Uhh, Puff Diddy... Umm, P. Daddy... Whatever his name is is coming out with a new show called "Making His Band!" When I heard that I got to thinking, whatever happened to all of the other bands and groups that appeared on his shows? Do they still exist? Are they making music? Are they making any money??? What's up with that?
And then it hit me... I want to produce a show that, in the title itself, would not leave the viewing audience in a fog about where the participants are and how they are doing. The title would say it all!
Since reality shows are a bunch of bullshit, I want to parody them by producing a show called, "Making WHAT Band?" The twist to the show is that there is no band to make! The contestants are there under the guise of making a band. The deal is they just wasted their time! There is no band. There is no future in producing CD's... There will be no tours...No one will know the band's name! There is no band!!! Those who was down with the program, after it is over, is no longer down! You just go home... Your services are no longer needed... No one will contact you about doing a wrap-up show. Stick a fork in your ass, you're done! Wouldn't that be funny?
No, not the show! You sticking a fork in your ass is what's funny! I mean, every time I turn around, there is some show interviewing some fake ass "reality star(?)" who is talking about how much they are now recognized because they were on television... Hell, they did not do a damn thing! How stupid is that? So, why not admit that the show is going to be stupid from jump-street? What? You don't get the premise of my idea? How stupid are you?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 11th, Saturday/ In what seems like ages ago, I got into a huge argument with a friend (we are no longer friends due to this particular argument!) about Barry Bonds. His point was that Major League Baseball would suffer because Barry Bonds was no longer in the game. My argument was that Major League Baseball did not give a rat's ass about Barry Bonds and he would no longer be a member of the team. Any team!
And, here we are...Major league Baseball is still in existence and Barry Bonds is not. ( I mean in the context of being an active member of the game in some capacity!)
Whether Barry Bonds did what he is accused of is of no real consequence. He is not well liked and whatever he is accused of is the operating reason (used) as to why he is no longer around. He has alienated himself and he was arrogant in the process. But so what? Is Barry Bonds a viable reason for me to lose a friend? You know what? "I don't give a rat's ass!" If someone can use someone else's situation as a reason to not be my friend, why do I need that person in my life? The only thing I got out of this whole thing is that this particular situation brings a whole new meaning to the phenomenon that is Black on Black crime!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 9th, Thursday/ In the words of the rap group, Public Enemy, "Don't believe the hype!" Here is where those words apply... "King" James (basketball global icon LeBron James)apparently has used his (perceived) royal influence to disallow the viewing public to bear "witness" to him being "posterized" in a pick up game at the Skills Academy in Ohio, somewhere. It has been reported that a sophomore basketball player from Xavier University did the deed on LeBron and the "King" ordered his NIKE henchmen to confiscate the tape. BOOOOO!
Now, that particular incident does not make LeBron the bad guy. That opinion was solidified a while back when The Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals when LeBron would not shake his fellow Olympian, Dwight Howard's hand to congratulate him. Getting dunked on is just the exclamation point!
Whatever is being written about LeBron (even this) is just bullshit. He is, more than likely, nothing like what is being said about him. He has been spoiled long ago when the vipers got their hands on him, early. To have expectations that he is so loving and caring to the basketball viewing public is a knock on the viewing public, not "King" James. Those who bear "witness" hold out all hope that LeBron is a great guy and maybe he is. He is just not that to John Q Public. His money is not directly coming from the fans. I'm sure, if you ask him, he will tell you that. The public's deal with LeBron is a cash and carry deal. You pay to see him play and he plays. End of story. There will be no visits to your neighborhood and dinner at your house. He will not play with your children... When told, he will show up at an organized event, sign autographs, have light chit-chat with you then move on to the next scheduled appearance. "King" James is not the king! Hell, he doesn't even have the ring to prove it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Warped POV/ Addendum by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 8th, Wednesday/ Okay, c'mon with the Michael Jackson tribute ad-nauseam! Let's honor the King of Pop for who he is (was). He was the straight up man in pop music, hands down. But MJ making Magic Johnson a better basketball player by inspiring him to be more of a showman on the court? I am willing to bet that every time MJ took to the playgrounds to "straight up" ballm MJ was no where in his thought pattern. Ballers are ballers! Now, if I saw Magic back his man down in the paint by "moonwalking," spin like a top and then do the ballerina toe move while making a layup...

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 8th, Wednesday/ I was listening to Magic Johnson's assessment of what dinner was like with Michael Jackson and it got me to thinking: What do the "superstar's" eat? People seem to be enamored with the notion that they, the "superstars," eat some sort of super food that us mortals have no access to. Why wouldn't Michael Jackson eat Kentucky Fried Chicken? I can see that. The question I would ask is, did he have white meat or dark?
Given his recorded actions, I would think that he liked white meat. But, is that for certain? White meat tends to be dry and woody tasting. (How would I know? I used to chew on wood when I was a kid!) Dark meat is juicy and succulent. (I would I know? I used to date a chick named Sheila!)
Of course there is no reason to discern Michael Jackson's choices in what he ate. The only question I would ask him, if he was still here, is why not Popeyes? Church's had it going on at one time. Not to mention New York Fried Chicken...Bojangles strikes a cord with me. El Pollo Loco does a nice thing with their chicken...and I am sure coming out of Gary, Indiana and hanging out in Detroit, there had to be some serious chicken frying going on! (You cannot tell me that Diana Ross never fried a chicken!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 2nd, Thursday/ I gotta tell you... I thought MJ was bizarre in life but he is more out there in death! What the hell is going on? I won't even try to figure out the whole children thing! That I don't get at all but what I want to know is how the money thing works? Please, somebody explain to me how someone can have a compound go into foreclosure, be $400 million dollars in debt, pay $100,000/a month on one of the most exclusive mansions on the planet, be considered "BROKE" and have an estate worth millions? How does this happen in America?
Bad economy? Homes in foreclosure? People losing their jobs? MJ is broke, allegedly, and he has an estate worth millions? How? I'm broke and I can prove it. I have no estate. When I die, I will have nothing to divide up except my bones, if anybody wants them. It's a good thing I have no children. I just cannot imagine them being happy when they realize that they can fight over the division of my bones! "I want his foot bones that are connected to the leg bones, and the leg bones are connected to the thigh bones, and the thigh bones are connected to the hip bones..." (And you know the rest of the song!).
Man, I played my life all wrong. I should have majored in Economics, in college, like I started to but I let a, so called friend, talk me into majoring in English, which prepared me for writing a blog! Where is the estate in that?