Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 8th, Wednesday/ I was listening to Magic Johnson's assessment of what dinner was like with Michael Jackson and it got me to thinking: What do the "superstar's" eat? People seem to be enamored with the notion that they, the "superstars," eat some sort of super food that us mortals have no access to. Why wouldn't Michael Jackson eat Kentucky Fried Chicken? I can see that. The question I would ask is, did he have white meat or dark?
Given his recorded actions, I would think that he liked white meat. But, is that for certain? White meat tends to be dry and woody tasting. (How would I know? I used to chew on wood when I was a kid!) Dark meat is juicy and succulent. (I would I know? I used to date a chick named Sheila!)
Of course there is no reason to discern Michael Jackson's choices in what he ate. The only question I would ask him, if he was still here, is why not Popeyes? Church's had it going on at one time. Not to mention New York Fried Chicken...Bojangles strikes a cord with me. El Pollo Loco does a nice thing with their chicken...and I am sure coming out of Gary, Indiana and hanging out in Detroit, there had to be some serious chicken frying going on! (You cannot tell me that Diana Ross never fried a chicken!)

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