Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 2nd, Thursday/ I gotta tell you... I thought MJ was bizarre in life but he is more out there in death! What the hell is going on? I won't even try to figure out the whole children thing! That I don't get at all but what I want to know is how the money thing works? Please, somebody explain to me how someone can have a compound go into foreclosure, be $400 million dollars in debt, pay $100,000/a month on one of the most exclusive mansions on the planet, be considered "BROKE" and have an estate worth millions? How does this happen in America?
Bad economy? Homes in foreclosure? People losing their jobs? MJ is broke, allegedly, and he has an estate worth millions? How? I'm broke and I can prove it. I have no estate. When I die, I will have nothing to divide up except my bones, if anybody wants them. It's a good thing I have no children. I just cannot imagine them being happy when they realize that they can fight over the division of my bones! "I want his foot bones that are connected to the leg bones, and the leg bones are connected to the thigh bones, and the thigh bones are connected to the hip bones..." (And you know the rest of the song!).
Man, I played my life all wrong. I should have majored in Economics, in college, like I started to but I let a, so called friend, talk me into majoring in English, which prepared me for writing a blog! Where is the estate in that?

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