Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 26th, Sunday/ Now that this silly and unnecessary arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. is past and bygones are bygones, can it be said that racial profiling is a stupid thing to even entertain? I mean, come on... Henry Louis Gates Jr.? It was reported that Mr. Gates was seen breaking into a home with another man and they both had on hooded sweat shirts! Henry Louis Gates Jr. in a "hoodie?" Okay, he "broke into" his own home. Are you going to tell the world (me) that that situation could not be resolved at the scene? ID was provided (it was reported) at the scene so an apology could not be offered in the moment and everybody goes their separate ways? I guess not. Handcuffs had to be used and Gates had to be hauled off to the whosgow... The President had to weigh in and three (count them-3!)police unions had to confirm that the President realizes that the police have a difficult job to do in order for this to just go away?

The worry for Black men now is (or was it always?) no matter how much education you have and how much stature you may have mustered on your job and in your community, you are still subject to racial profiling! If I were President Obama, I would be extra careful about knowing where my house key is at all times!

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