Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stupid Shit

October 30th, Tuesday... I am not a football fan. I do not care who plays whom from week to week in the NFL and I do not get all jacked up about the Super Bowl when that time rolls around./ I live in Redskin country but it means nothing to me when the Redskins play the Cowboys. That being said, I did raise an eyebrow when the 'Skins drafted Robert Griffin III with the overall second pick in the draft.
As far as I am concerned, he is as good as advertised. He is fast, mobile, accurate and fun to watch. His offensive line is doing their damnest to protect him and his stat line(s) are real cool... Which leads me to his sadistic coaching staff. What the hell were they thinking about when they implimented a trick play and sent RGIII on a route, which set him up to get the shit knocked out of him by the Steelers free safety? I mean, they made a big deal about RGIII taking off, out of the pocket and into a concussion! Yet you send him on a pass route!
I am not feeling the Shanahans. The head coach and his son seem better suited to coach a football team that has already established a winning culture. Those two putting a team together...Please. They cannot even spell DISIPLINE! (Ask DeAngelo Hall!)They would be better off in a "perfect world!" And speaking of Mr. Hall, how does the (cover?) corner allow himself to be baited into losing his mind on the field when he has been in the league for a few years and knows how the Steelers play? Sure, blame the refs! They did not throw the flag on the play he wanted, but they sure did throw (several) flags when he loosened his chinstrap and and released the (verbal) hounds! However, the Redskins can be fun to watch win or lose. Unfortunately they will lose more than they win for awhile.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shit Happens

October 17th, Wednesday... I attended my college's homecoming this past weekend and I have to say that I had a good time. Of course I saw all the usual suspects and they told the same lies they told last year but... All in all, it was cool to be there. Some people got fatter, some were drunker, and some were just plain boring.
My problem with attending stuff like that is I cannot remember anyone's name. I have forgotten so much about college, I think I have College Alztheimers! I look at people with a blank stare on my face until they say something or just flat out say their name in order for me to get it. Of course I am embarrassed but, when I think about it, some people were just plain dull when we were in school.
I always saw college as a place where you needed to stand out without the use of a fraternity or sorority, or social club. Who the hell are you? I did not want to share my name with anyone or anything that would take away my shine. I was loud, obvious and crazy when I was in college. I dared to do stuff others shunned away from. I liked being out there!
The problem with that is now that we are in real time, I am labeled as a loon! I had no girlfriend, I did not marry my college sweetheart, and I have no children to show. Yeah, college was great... Back then! Now I am someone they remember as the guy who had no problem using the women's bathroom when all the stalls were full! Go figure...