Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ain't This Some Crap?

December 28th, Sunday... I just read a short piece that flipped my brain! (I feel concussed...) A high school basketball team was disallowed to participate in a basketball tourney because they wore "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts! Now, I did hear this last night on a sports talk radio program but I was half asleep. I thought I heard the commentator take the position that a high school student should not have a political stance because he/she is under aged. Okay, what am I not getting?

This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave? A Constitution does exist, no? Is there such a thing as "freedom of speech?" I'm confused... Regardless of the fact that there seems to be some civil rights infractions; Not to mention the killing(s) of Black men for various reasons... I mean high school students should not take A STAND BECAUSE THEY ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL?

If the future of America is on the backs of the youth of our nation, why should they not take a stand? No civil disobedience has taken place. The very freedom that has been taken advantage of by those who are doing the judging is being made a mockery of, in my opinion. But, I have to understand that an opinion is a judgment as well and maybe mine does not count(?)! Maybe their opinion should not count either but... Oh, I get it. They are running the tournament! You cannot play because (WE) say you can't! And, why be threatened by a t-shirt? Maybe no one should play because they are simply out of breath?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Never Thought I'd See You Again! by A. Dacosta Brathway

December 22nd, Monday... Man! It has been soooo long since last posted, I thought I didn't have a blog anymore! What was I thinking? So much has happened. Black men being hunted by the police. RGIII proves me right by not being a "Franchise Quarterback!" The Redskins stink. (So does the Giants and the Jets!) Bill Cosby looks more and more like  pervert as the days go by! "Ratchet TV is gaining momentum. TV producers have found a way to make Black folks look more and more like assholes to white viewers...(...if they watch it instead of the news?) What else?

So what now? I plan to jump back on MT. The new year is coming in and I am refocused. A lot has changed for me. All of my security blankets are gone. I am out here on my own, for real! It's no biggie. I've been a loner all my life. Now I am on the tight rope without a net. Hey, it could be worse... I could (NOT) be on a tight rope at all. In other words, I am back on the blog! (Get it?)