Monday, December 31, 2012

Read This Shit!

December 31st, Monday... I went online and read about all of the coach firings in the NFL (National Football League). I guess I was not surprised that so many coaches got canned (7) but one particular story got my attention. I read an article about Andy Reid (former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles) and the article stated that Reid coached 14 years for that team. He has had success in 13 of those 14 years (the list is too long to write!). He did this and that and the other... This season he went 4 for 12. But, the article never talked about how bad of a coach he is. (Probably because he is NOT a bad coach!) So, what's my point?
I'm glad you asked! I'm thinking that if Andy Reid was fired, why would you not talk about how lousy he was as a coach? Why not talk about what a sorry job he's done? The article talked about how great his legacy is (w/ that team) and how he won this and that! Screw that! Why not talk abot what a sorry coach he's been and how the players shut down because of his bad coaching! It (the article) never mentioned anything about how bas his players were this season. I'm thinking that maybe the players should have been fired! (Sadly, you cannot fire the players! SHIT!)
I don't get pro sports! Those boys do the most assinine stuff most of the time. Imagine firing a coach because he has been successful? (I wonder what Philly would have done to Reid if He really screwed up? Wait a minute... I just had a vision: I see the Rocky statue... Next to it is Reid, swinging in the breeze w/ a noose around his neck!) Ahh... The city of Brotherly Love!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Some More BS!

December 21st, Friday... I am sitting at the computer and I am flipping channels on the TV... I ran across the movie Dead Poets Society, which is a story about a teacher who inspires his studends to "seize the day" and later gets fired for because of his mantra. Then I flip the channel and find the Wendy Williams Show, which is a talk show hosted by a woman who is a freakin' busy body. So I am watching this and the camera pans the audience... Mrs. Williams is preaching (subliminally) to her captive audience to live their lives, vicariously, through celebrities. Then she tells a story about a past affection she had for a boy who dumped her and the moral to the story is she ended up being on TV, with a talk show, and where is he?
Okay, there is an argument that television is a tool for entertainment purposes. There is also an argument that television can be educational. I don't knowwhat to believe to be honest but I do know this: I am smart enough to be able to watch television because I am smart enough to know what BULLSHIT is. (I was trained!)
To Whom It May Concern: Please train your children so that they can watch television with some semblance of intelligence. Do not allow them to absorb BULLSHIT! Don't waste your money on a 63" screen television only to watch mindless shows that will suck the moral fiber out of them quicker than a case of diarrhea! You have been warned!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

More Bullshit!

December 20th, Thursday... Long before the invention of ESPN, sports news was, well sports news. The talking heads told you the teams, the games, the scores and sometimes a little fluff piece about a player. Now-a-days, with the addition of ESPN, news about sports is damn near all fluff! The "talking heads" are the celebrities and the it's all about them. Mike and Mike, who come on (my) radio at 6 a.m. weekdays are like Abbott and Costello. They do schtick! Steven A. Smith, the cool, "I have a way with words" brother from New York can (and will) take you on a roller coaster ride with words when he starts talking... WHEW! (Does anybody have a barf bag?) And then there is Rob Parker, the part-time co-host of the ESPN show, Fast Break, who's commentary does not necessarily grab you until he says something stupid... Well, the other day he said something real stupid! RGIII (Robert Griffin the 3rd), the phenom quarterback for the Washington Redskins in the NFL was labeled a "Cornball Brother" by Parker. It seems that these days with the advent of Hip-Hop and bling and "booty-clappers," it's not cool to be Black and educated, and speak well during interviews and act civilized, according to Parker, i.e. "cornball brother!"
What? Can Black folk have any dignity? Can we (yes, I'm Black!) behave with some decency when out in public without having to endure someone, who has a handle on a media outlet, designate us as "corny," or "nerdy," or not hip enough to merit favorable commentary?
I don't know... My thinking is news is news and entertainment is entertainment and "never the twain (should) meet!" Opinions about people mean nothing to me because opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and they all stink!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What The...?

December 15, Saturday... It's that time of year again people! It's Christmas! Time for Santa Clause and Christmas cards! Time for decorating the house with trees and ornaments and lights! Time for presents! You know, peace on Earth, goodwill towards men! It's time to recognize the birthday of Christ, every Christian's Lord and Savior! It's also time to protect your belongings and and keeping your head on a swivel! It's time to be careful out there. Yeah, right...
But, here is what I cannot seem to get into my head! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how some mixed up, unattended psycho can go into a school and KILL 20 children! And, his mother, has guns stockpiled in her crib, giving access to someone so unstable... It boggles my mind! I mean, is this recognized as some sort of variation of attrition? Should nothing be done, by way of the law as it relates to having one who is unstable to not be committed? And, in an elementary school? A place where babies dwell? Killed his mother... And here is the ass kicker: He killed himself!!!
I don't know. Maybe I'm stupid. My thinking is that if I had a problem and I wanted it all to end, I'd just take myself out! But, I guess it's true that misery DOES love company!Fuckin' weird!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shit Happens

12/12/12, Wednesday... When I was growing up in Brooklyn, my mother was a big influence in my life. Whatever she said, I did! I would not say that I was a "momma's boy" but I was obedient and respectful. I was also fearful! My mother was a big voiced, strong willed and take action kind of woman. If I wanted to do something, and she did not want me to do it, it was not done! I remember begging my mother to let go into a bar because my friend's family was going there for a party. I went to the bar but I dared not to go in... (I could have gone in. She wasn't there to see if I did it or not!)
In retrospect, I have to laugh because I used to ask my mother for permission to do EVERYTHING! It did not matter what it was, I asked her for her permission. Here are some of the things I asked her to do: I asked her if I could join a gang!  I asked her if I could use drugs and be more like my friends. I asked her if I could join the BLACK PANTHERS and carry a gun. I asked her if I could join the Black Muslims and change my name. I asked her if I could date white women. I remember asking her if I could get a girl preggers and become a "dead beat" dad. Needless to say, she wouldn't let me do any of those things!
Now that I am where I am in my life, I realize that my mother was very restrictive and stunted my growth. I have no real memories of my past and I draw a blank when I try to reminiscence about how I grew up. Damn! Sometimes mothers can be so mean!