Saturday, December 15, 2012

What The...?

December 15, Saturday... It's that time of year again people! It's Christmas! Time for Santa Clause and Christmas cards! Time for decorating the house with trees and ornaments and lights! Time for presents! You know, peace on Earth, goodwill towards men! It's time to recognize the birthday of Christ, every Christian's Lord and Savior! It's also time to protect your belongings and and keeping your head on a swivel! It's time to be careful out there. Yeah, right...
But, here is what I cannot seem to get into my head! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how some mixed up, unattended psycho can go into a school and KILL 20 children! And, his mother, has guns stockpiled in her crib, giving access to someone so unstable... It boggles my mind! I mean, is this recognized as some sort of variation of attrition? Should nothing be done, by way of the law as it relates to having one who is unstable to not be committed? And, in an elementary school? A place where babies dwell? Killed his mother... And here is the ass kicker: He killed himself!!!
I don't know. Maybe I'm stupid. My thinking is that if I had a problem and I wanted it all to end, I'd just take myself out! But, I guess it's true that misery DOES love company!Fuckin' weird!

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