Monday, December 31, 2012

Read This Shit!

December 31st, Monday... I went online and read about all of the coach firings in the NFL (National Football League). I guess I was not surprised that so many coaches got canned (7) but one particular story got my attention. I read an article about Andy Reid (former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles) and the article stated that Reid coached 14 years for that team. He has had success in 13 of those 14 years (the list is too long to write!). He did this and that and the other... This season he went 4 for 12. But, the article never talked about how bad of a coach he is. (Probably because he is NOT a bad coach!) So, what's my point?
I'm glad you asked! I'm thinking that if Andy Reid was fired, why would you not talk about how lousy he was as a coach? Why not talk about what a sorry job he's done? The article talked about how great his legacy is (w/ that team) and how he won this and that! Screw that! Why not talk abot what a sorry coach he's been and how the players shut down because of his bad coaching! It (the article) never mentioned anything about how bas his players were this season. I'm thinking that maybe the players should have been fired! (Sadly, you cannot fire the players! SHIT!)
I don't get pro sports! Those boys do the most assinine stuff most of the time. Imagine firing a coach because he has been successful? (I wonder what Philly would have done to Reid if He really screwed up? Wait a minute... I just had a vision: I see the Rocky statue... Next to it is Reid, swinging in the breeze w/ a noose around his neck!) Ahh... The city of Brotherly Love!

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