Sunday, January 6, 2013

For What?

January 6th, Sunday... Happy New Year everybody! I hope your entrance into 2013 was safe and hopefully everyone is over their drunkin' stupor!/ I came in cool. It was quiet and peaceful... Just the way I like it.
Of course I did not make any New Year's resolutions! For what? I would not have followed them! Whatever changes I want to make, they are long terms things that I constantly work on. Besides, what's to change? Do I want to get better at any one thing? Hell no! I play hard in whatever I do. I write hard! I believe in GOD hard! I love hard! If I like you, I like you hard! I live hard. I believe in the truth hard! If I date a woman and we break up, we break up hard! I either go all out or I go home! Shit, I cry hard! I'm not making any "punkass" resolutions! I live it totally... Not from year to year. If I screw up, I screw up hard! Perfection? Please! I'm damn near perfect w/ the imperfections! I'm GOD built! Do I make mistakes? Yes! I will continue to make mistakes! I will own them and keep it moving! Does everybody like me? Hell no! I don't care! I don't need enemies... I have friends! No enemy can screw me better than my friends.
I'm not trying to impress anyone! For what? I dress sloppy! I'm not into fashion... I had a friend who once told me he was into fashion. He had GQ mags all over the place. Shit, he could afford it! I'd rather feed a starving baby than wear a designer suit. I feel like if my clothes are clean and I take a shower everyday, I'm good!
2013, Take me as I am. I got this far. Whatever time is alotted to me from this point on, I'm going HARD! Besides, it's a GOD thing! I have nothing to do w/ it! Thankyou Father!!!

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