Monday, May 9, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

May9th, Monday... Yesterday I watched the Mavericks vs. Lakers NBA game. Yeah it was a lopsided game and Dallas looked like the better team. Hell, they "Hoovered" the Lakers in the series and they deserved to win.
I also saw the flagrant fouls delivered by Odoms and Bynum. I understood their frustration. Given the circumstance, it wasn't hard to accept their behavior. But, I didn't accept their behavior because they were frustrated. I accept their behavior because they have been walking around w/ that "sense of entitlement" attitude for quite awhile!
Hey, I get it! They have won BIG games, several championship rings and trophies... They have experienced tickertape parades and are talked about, favorably, in all the sports rags. But now, They have managed to turn all of that goodwill into garbage w/ 2 flagrant fouls!
There is nothing like watching the balloon of arrogance get deflated! It just doesn't seem to deflate like all the other balloons! The reaction by those who watch it isn't the same either. I know when I see a balloon deflate, I feel a sense of sadness. I sure as hell didn't feel that way after that game! I was cracking up! "Oh how the mighty have fallen! All of the "cockiness" went limp!
I didn't feel sad for Phil Jackson either. He's won enough games and championships. (Time to roll out Phil!) The zen thing has disintergrated. They are not listening to you anymore. The lava from the "meltdown" has covered their ears and they can't hear you anymore. The entitlement has blinded them from the mission. You are no longer relevant to them. Hop on your Harley and do a "wheelie" right on out of town.
I will always remember the Lakers as rich, spoiled, baby bullies who got their swagger taken away from them. I guess it really "...ain't no fun when the Mavericks got the gun!"