Friday, December 21, 2012

Some More BS!

December 21st, Friday... I am sitting at the computer and I am flipping channels on the TV... I ran across the movie Dead Poets Society, which is a story about a teacher who inspires his studends to "seize the day" and later gets fired for because of his mantra. Then I flip the channel and find the Wendy Williams Show, which is a talk show hosted by a woman who is a freakin' busy body. So I am watching this and the camera pans the audience... Mrs. Williams is preaching (subliminally) to her captive audience to live their lives, vicariously, through celebrities. Then she tells a story about a past affection she had for a boy who dumped her and the moral to the story is she ended up being on TV, with a talk show, and where is he?
Okay, there is an argument that television is a tool for entertainment purposes. There is also an argument that television can be educational. I don't knowwhat to believe to be honest but I do know this: I am smart enough to be able to watch television because I am smart enough to know what BULLSHIT is. (I was trained!)
To Whom It May Concern: Please train your children so that they can watch television with some semblance of intelligence. Do not allow them to absorb BULLSHIT! Don't waste your money on a 63" screen television only to watch mindless shows that will suck the moral fiber out of them quicker than a case of diarrhea! You have been warned!

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