Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shit Happens

12/12/12, Wednesday... When I was growing up in Brooklyn, my mother was a big influence in my life. Whatever she said, I did! I would not say that I was a "momma's boy" but I was obedient and respectful. I was also fearful! My mother was a big voiced, strong willed and take action kind of woman. If I wanted to do something, and she did not want me to do it, it was not done! I remember begging my mother to let go into a bar because my friend's family was going there for a party. I went to the bar but I dared not to go in... (I could have gone in. She wasn't there to see if I did it or not!)
In retrospect, I have to laugh because I used to ask my mother for permission to do EVERYTHING! It did not matter what it was, I asked her for her permission. Here are some of the things I asked her to do: I asked her if I could join a gang!  I asked her if I could use drugs and be more like my friends. I asked her if I could join the BLACK PANTHERS and carry a gun. I asked her if I could join the Black Muslims and change my name. I asked her if I could date white women. I remember asking her if I could get a girl preggers and become a "dead beat" dad. Needless to say, she wouldn't let me do any of those things!
Now that I am where I am in my life, I realize that my mother was very restrictive and stunted my growth. I have no real memories of my past and I draw a blank when I try to reminiscence about how I grew up. Damn! Sometimes mothers can be so mean!

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