Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 22nd, Wednesday/ Have you seen the new T.O. Show? I'm saying, are we finally going to get the truth about Terrell Owens? Will we get the truth about him? Do we want it? Should we care? I have to admit to being fascinated by this whole reality show thing. But my point of view is warped. I would rather have a reality show about Bobby Brown, post Whitney. He is far more interesting. He is the proverbial train wreck I would want to watch. T.O. is a subway compared to the freight train! I want my reality to be raw! Screw that "I still have money to throw away and a career!" shit! I want, "I don't have any damn money left, nor a way to get it!" shit!
American TV is a joke. The programming is all fantasy. Producers want to make bad guys look good. Who the hell is the target market? "Pardon the interruption but we would like to present to you the following BS for your viewing pleasure!" Hey man, c'mon! There is only so much of that one can shovel. After awhile the stench gets to you, you know? Lies stink worse than the truth. But, of course, I understand it when you have always lived a lie and you do not realize that you stink! I get that! But, please... VH1 is selling T.O. as a good guy. ESPN is selling him as a villain! Which one is it? (And why doesn't Jerry Jones have a reality show? What? Invasion of privacy of the sacred?) If I cannot get Bobby Brown, I want Jerry Jones! I would love to see and hear the bullshit he is slinging! However, I love the idea of the two player hating chicks he has in his camp. I guess they are his moral compasses? So what if an ass is bent over the pool table in rubber pants? Who is the show for? Men or women? Hell, it's because of the ass in the rubber pants that is the reason why I would watch it. What do I care if he (T.O.) confesses to his Grandmother that she made him the man he is today while dripping tears? (Unless it is revealed that she told him to make sure that he keeps a piece of ass in rubber pants bent over his pool table, I am not interested!)

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