Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

July 12th, Sunday/ I was flipping channels and I stumbled upon MTV. MTV, BET... I don't make it a habit to watch t.v. channels that are initials but I heard something that got my attention and gave me an idea. P. Diddy... Uhh, Puff Daddy... Uhh, Puff Diddy... Umm, P. Daddy... Whatever his name is is coming out with a new show called "Making His Band!" When I heard that I got to thinking, whatever happened to all of the other bands and groups that appeared on his shows? Do they still exist? Are they making music? Are they making any money??? What's up with that?
And then it hit me... I want to produce a show that, in the title itself, would not leave the viewing audience in a fog about where the participants are and how they are doing. The title would say it all!
Since reality shows are a bunch of bullshit, I want to parody them by producing a show called, "Making WHAT Band?" The twist to the show is that there is no band to make! The contestants are there under the guise of making a band. The deal is they just wasted their time! There is no band. There is no future in producing CD's... There will be no tours...No one will know the band's name! There is no band!!! Those who was down with the program, after it is over, is no longer down! You just go home... Your services are no longer needed... No one will contact you about doing a wrap-up show. Stick a fork in your ass, you're done! Wouldn't that be funny?
No, not the show! You sticking a fork in your ass is what's funny! I mean, every time I turn around, there is some show interviewing some fake ass "reality star(?)" who is talking about how much they are now recognized because they were on television... Hell, they did not do a damn thing! How stupid is that? So, why not admit that the show is going to be stupid from jump-street? What? You don't get the premise of my idea? How stupid are you?

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