Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 1st, Sunday... I got fooled today! I'm not interested in the April Fools Day thing but I got got today. I clicked on a Facebook post today and saw a bunch of people on a New York City subway taking off their pants and drawers while riding! I guess it was an April fools joke or something. Anyway, it got me to thinking...
The cost of freedom is high (higher than gas!). Men and women are losing their lives fighting and patrolling in foreign lands while there are some who come up with idiotic ideas to pass the time. Now, I admit to not thinking about the troops during most of my day. But, I do think about the troops when I read about people abusing the privilege! C'mon, stripping in a subway car, exposing one's ass (and whatever else) and for what? Because they can?
And, what if...what if someone decides to cop a feel or poke a puss or get all worked up at the sight of someone's ass being exposed and reek havoc while in the close quarters of that subway car? What if one of the exposed has a rash and, by accident or on purpose, rub on someone and the rash is deadly and the train pulls into the 42nd St. (Times Square) station and everyone in the car is dead? Okay, what if one or some of the naked people is funky beyond belief and the odor is like a deadly gas and kills everyone in the car as it pulls into the 42nd St. (Times Square) station? Or worse, the train pulls into the Franklin Ave. station and endangers the life of those who live in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn? That would be a BIG ASS problem because the Mayor doesn't give a rat's ass about Brooklyn! Imagine that 911 call... "Hello, 911? We have a serious emergency?" "Where are you calling from?" "Brooklyn...! Hello... hello!" (Dial tone!)

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