Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Warped POV by A.Dacosta Brathway April 24th, Tuesday... I have noticed there are a lot of posts of kids fighting and being recorded by cell phones. What the hell is going on? Has the world really gone mad? Is "conflict resolution" a lost art? Are young people so angry that they have to commence to flying fisticuffs? My thinking is this: If I were so angry to the point of wanting to fight, I would join the MMA or whatever they call it and make some money? The economy is bad, there are no jobs and the educational system seems to be failing so why not make a little cheese? Who knows? There might be a championship belt involved? But, I think that that's too much like right! So I guess beating the crap out of someone is the soup dejour huh? I used to think that our civilization was making huge strides in preserving the planet and getting along in that process but there is global warming, the world is falling apart, people are frustrated and God is just some cat who lives upstairs! So, carry on... I'll be perched on some mountain somewhere, with my laptop tuned into Facebook, watching the news while the world falls apart. Holla when you're finished!

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