Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

April 5th, Thursday... How stupid is pro basketball? I just read a story on Yahoo Sports about Dwight Howard, the talented center for the Orlando Magic, being instrumental in getting Stan Van Gundy, the coach, fired at the end of the season. Van Gundy found out about it and confronted Howard and Howard flinched! First of all, the idea of a player getting the coach fired is absurd (but so real in pro basketball. Ask Magic Johnson... Yes the pun is intended!) and secondly, Don't turn "bitch" and start babbling when caught. Stand up!
Truth be told, management is the "punk" in this case. They do not seem to have the balls to stand up and be accountable. Management is allowing this to happen. Look at the irony in this B.S! Management is managing not to manage! Go figure...
So, what about the team? What about the mission? What now?
Luckily, Van Gundy probably has money! Be gone! He will work again in the league. Howard has some moola! Stay with the Magic or move on. To the rest of the team and management, stay together ans suffer!You would think that a city that has Disney World and Universal Studios could act professionally and keep up the fantasy that they are a real pro basketball team! (Amway!!! And to think that I always thought the detergent was cool!)

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