Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shit Happens

July, 22nd, Sunday... DAMN! How long has it been? I know, I've been negligent but I have also been busy. I traveled, I did nome basketball coaching... Hell, I almost got a job coaching overseas! I was right there! Right there. I met a guy who was looking to hire a basketball in the Far East. He interviewed me, twice... Watched me coach some games and got real excited about the possibilities of me working in his organization... And then IT happened!
We went our separate ways and... BOOM! The bottom fell out! We emailed a couple a couple of times and then, nothing! He said he would contact me within a certain time frame. He did not. I emailed him to get the deal and, whoa... He wrote me back to say that he wanted to call me and talk. Oh, ohhhhhh...
So he called the next day and we talked... After the conversation, I was no longer interesting enough to be hired. Oh there were promises made about the future. What f#$kin' future? Last I heard, the future was not promised. Only guarantee I have about the future is that I will die!
Yeah, I get it. I will be a basketball coach in the Kingdom! I wonder if I will win a championship in that league?

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