Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shit Happens/ The Resurrection

July 26th, Thursday... In Christianity there is talk of the Resurrection of Jesus. He will rise from the dead and reappear to the believers. I'm thinking that it is a test of faith and belief in the principles of said religion of which I have no problem with.
That being said, I feel like I am witnessing a resurrection of sorts in Society. I call it the resurrection of stupidity! I keep hearing about how easy it is to access information via the Internet. The "social media" is easily accessed through one's cell phone and the system is on fire with communication. It's so fast no FaceBook seems outdated now. And, with all of that, people seem to be so fucking stupid!
Just the other day, James Holmes, allegedly, a brilliant student, shot up a theatre full of movie goers posing as the character "The Joker" at the Batman movie premiere in Colorado. Why? Okay, you can say he is sick. That, however, does not that he is not also stupid.
The world seems to be getting smaller, but the hatred is looming larger amongst people. The economy is now global but there is a divide between races and creeds. Global warming is evident and yet people are still polluting the planet! How stupid is that? In the Black community, the brothas are wearing their pants hanging off their ass, as a fashion statement, with the knowledge of the history of the move. How stupid is that?
I'm puzzled with the world right now. I cannot make heads or tails out of what I am witnessing. The question is, why do I even want to? Maybe I am just as stupid? D'UH!

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