Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 21st, Wednesday... One step forward, two steps back! The New Orleans Saints have become the "'Aints" (again). The NFL (National Football League) has come down on the New Orleans franchise with suspensions, fines, and draft pick for their findings in "Bounty Gate!" Gregg Williams, former defensive coordinator for the Saints, devised a "bounty" system for his defensive charge to "motivate" them to win football games, which, by the way, is against NFL rules. Look at the irony in this: The most violent (legal) professional sport in America needs a scheme to "motivate" the players to play harder to win games! Comparatively speaking, the money was not much... A couple of thousand dollars compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in contract money, which, comparatively speaking to the big pro sports (baseball and basketball), is chicken feed so why not implement a bounty? IRONY.
So, here's the deal: The team is fined $500,000.00 in fines, two second round draft picks,an eight game suspension for the general manager, an indefinite suspension for the former defensive coordinator (Gregg Williams) and a season suspension (without pay) for the head coach Sean Payton for the season! Damn!
Also, remember Hurricane Katrina and how the Saints were credited with revitalizing the city after devastating losses. (Which, if you think about it is bullshit because there are parts of the city that have never recovered. Do I have to remind you that it's mostly the Black parts of the city that still have not benefited from the Saints, whatever they did? Needless to say that this is a mess and a bad joke! And...and, how will the Saints winning their Super Bowl Championship a few years ago be treated? How will it be perceived now? How should it be perceived now? Should we care? I don't give a rat's ass about it simply because professional sports people function as an elitist group and would not give a shit about me and/or my condition. Besides, I do not live in New Orleans and I cannot afford a ticket to a Saints game. Plus, I cannot see myself eating alligator and fries with a side order snake rings and sipping a Coke while the Saints go head hunting and decapitate somebody while I'm eating!

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