Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 7th, Wednesday... I was on Fakebook this morning and saw some interesting posts. I scrolled through the vanity patrol and the religious zealots to come across an article of a woman, 81 years old, who won a crap load of money playing Powerball! She said she bought the ticket and put it in her Bible and slept on it every night. My mind started working...
I heard my pastor talk about how people need to get their finances together, without the thought of winning a lottery. It's not GOD's plan to win games of chance because GOD does not deal by chance. So, what should the woman do with the tainted money she won? (Tainted by Christian standards.) Should she tithe? Would the church accept it? Should she contribute to the building fund? (I'm sure her contribution would make getting that building a lot faster! Can you say "mega church!") How fast do you think the church members would allow her to be in any of the many "clicks" that exist in the church? (Did I say "clicks?" I meant ministries! Oops.) And, will the whispering behind her back stop once she is revealed as the "anonymous" donor and is admired for her new finery?
Excuse me... I digress. These types of situations may not exist in your church but they sure do exist in mine. Luckily, that lucky (I mean "blessed") Powerball winner does not attend my church so I hope she can enjoy her millions without persecution! Amen!

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