Monday, March 12, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 12th, Monday... Okay, here we are! March Madness at its finest. The brackets are out for the NCAA Tournament. The teams are picked, some deserving teams got snubbed and all is right with the world! Outside of the competition, I like to listen to the so called "experts" who sell, sell, sell, this tournament like no other! (Poor NIT! And what the hell is the College Basketball Invitational?)
I was watching ESPN and witnessed a pissing contest between basketball pundits Digger Phelps and Fran Frashilla over a charge/block call in the University of North Carolina vs Florida State ACC conference semi final game. They got real heated about who thought he was right. It ended when they agreed to disagree but still... An argument on air? I guess it speaks to the passion that is displayed this time of year for college basketball. The sad part is that they act like it is the only basketball going on.
There are other divisions besides Division I. There is DII, DIII, and NAIA basketball tournaments going on simultaneously. Of course these divisions are not mentioned because the reports are all about the elite by elitists reporting it, who are ordered by elitist programmers! Is it fair? Hell no! Is it fair that people in hell want ice water and cannot get it?
I guess it boils down to parents not letting their babies grow up to be non elitists! Hey, it's not foreign to be that there are different levels of talent. I get that some players are better than others, but still..."Give the drummer some!" There is so much nonsensical programming on TV, cut some of that shit off. I mean, Kim Kardashian cannot post up anybody. She tried and failed! (Basketball reference... Pun intended!)
Four weeks of madness! Time to stock on the beer, chips, and whatever and hit the man cave!

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