Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

March 10th, Saturday... I was flipping channels on my TV the other day and I stumbled on the reality show Basketball Wives. (I hate reality shows! They are so fake! Ha!)Okay, maybe I'm out of touch but what is it with the big hair and those BIG (ASS) earrings? DAMN! I mean, why would a woman want to wear chandeliers? (Vanity?) Is her head balanced because of the weight of the hair coupled with those BIG ASS earrings? Is it a physics thing? Has women's fashion run a-muck?
What happened to a nice set of diamond or pearl earrings? Or, a nice set of rings maybe? No! Women are now wearing weights on their ears!What? Are they strengthening their neck muscles while they walk? Is this the "new exercise?" And, are jewelers charging for these things by the pound? (What is the price of precious metals these days?) On top of that, are high heels higher now? I don't get it. I am thinking that the weight of a women's head, with the big hair and chandeliers, would cause a weight distribution imbalance and create a hazardous condition! Imagine a woman going out to dinner to a fancy restaurant... She gets to the place, with her date (boyfriend, husband, sucker, whatever!), trips... The weight of the hair and apparatus she is wearing in her ears causes her head to ,violently, tilt forward, she falls, busts her head wide open... There is blood everywhere! The sidewalk is cracked all to pieces and she has a rip in her stocking. SHIT! You KNOW she hates when that happens!

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