Saturday, June 9, 2007

When Irony Rares Its Ugly Head/ by Al Brathway

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Poor Paris (I mean rich Paris) is having her troubles with the law right now. However, as painful as it might be for her, she can't see the forest for the trees. Paris is sitting on a gold mine! Instead of her doing that contrived show she does with that other lunatic, she should have a "reality show" camera following her ass around right now. Apparently she thinks she is more important than she really is. With a camera on her, she could really be important!All she is doing right now is being an annoying pain in the ass in society. If she turned the cameras on her "spoiled ass" she could become the next Lucille Ball! She IS funny when she is just being herself. All of the stupid things she says, she should be saying now. Right now she is "hot!" The crying out for her mom in court is the funny Paris. I mean she walks around... excuse me, drives around like she's some Queen of Utopia. Now we are seeing that she is none of that... and it is funny! Sure, the people around her thinks that her situation is some serious matter. (It could be worse Paris... You could be in jail for mistaken identity!) It's not so serious that she is arrogant and self serving when she does her schtick in Paris World. Now she is in the real world and she is hilarious. Turn the cameras on yourself and package it like your sex tape. You could be the queen of your own "real" reality show!

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