Saturday, June 16, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

June 16th Saturday/ What price America? The other day I went to visit some friends at my old job. As I was leaving I was stopped by a guy soliciting for Greenpeace. He ran some smack on me about saving the planet... A noble cause. As I listened, the logic of it hit me like a shot. The planet is failing and I'm a part of the planet; therefore, I am failing! I'm not a joiner but I found myself going with the flow. As he handed me the clip board to sign up, I asked him what would it take for me to become a member. It was then that he said the magic words: "Where do you work?" When I told him that I did not have a job, he snatched the clip board from me and thanked me for my time (which I have because I don't have a job). Ain't that a bitch? In America, you can't do shit without a job! Here I am thinking that I will break my policy of not being a "joiner" and become a member of an organization dedicated to saving the world... And I can't get down because I don't work! Global warming is killing the Earth because of Man's insensitive abuses and I can't help save it because I don't work. I CAN help out because I have the time because I don't work but I can't help out because I have the time because I don't work! Catch 22 my ass! CRAP!

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