Thursday, June 14, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

June 14th, Thursday/ Since I'm working on a film script I decided to start watching movies again. I stopped going to the movies because it has just turned into one big expensive venture. However, I have a partner who can get DVD's of any film out there so I go by his crib when I want to see something. What's cool about it is that it's free and I can drink beer while I watch a flick./ So, I'm watching the flick, Blood Diamond, and I'm not into it because I'm not into Leonardo DeCaprio. He may be a good actor but when I want to see a young Jack Nicolson, I'll watch some of his earlier work! As expected, I thought the premis of the film was unbelieveable. (I know, I was suppose to suspend my disbelief at the door) No way some white mercenary in Africa is going to sacrifice a big ass diamond for a brotha trying to free his son from the rebels. After the film was over, I watched the documentary DVD about what the diamond trade was all about... SHIT! My head was blown! That was some depressing shit to watch. Kids in Africa being cut up w/ machetes like raw meat, or captured to work the mines, or worse, shot point blank to death for diamonds./ That night I had the weirdest dream. I was dreaming of doing a documentary on the diamond ("bling-bling") trade, American style. You know, how brothas are maimming and killing each other for chains and earrings... The background music was Beyounce singing a revised version of "Diamonds Are a Boys and Girls Best Friend" as only she can. (I see her as the Black Anna Nicole via Marilyn Monroe!) The sad part of my dream is, that idea could probably get made, in Hollywood, just like Blood Diamond did!/ CRAP!

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