Wednesday, June 6, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

June 6th, Wednesday/ Today is Hump Day, as it is known in the working world. I don't work but it has it's signifigance today... I'm watching the Kathy Griffin Show and she is having a conversation w/ Whoopie Goldberg about vaginas, in general, theirs in particular. I'm like, "...When did the world change to the point where it is cool to talk about vaginas (on TV!) to anyone who will listen?" (Where is my copy of the memo? Gotta check my email saved file!) Isn't that sort of taboo, or no? I mean, women can now talk about their vaginas and get away w/ it (on TV)? So I'm listening to the conversation and they are talking about their vaginas and I haven't had sex in a looooooong while and it's Hump Day! (You do the math!) I'm sorry... I can't type anymore right now. I'm a little frustrated. CRAP!

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