Saturday, June 23, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

June 23rd, Saturday/ What a week! I worked a basketball camp but it seemed like I did more child psychology stuff than basketball. I engaged some of the kids in conversation and I cannot believe some of the stories I heard! I gotta tell you that adults really screw up kid's heads! So now it's Saturday and I'm chillin'. I slept late, did not shave or take a shower... I'm funky and I don't care! I just happened to turn on the computer and saw a story about a middle school kid who was caught breaking a rule in a Vienna, Virginia middle school. He was caught hugging his girlfriend in the cafateria! Oh my god! The school has a no touching policy... Are you fucking kidding me? The principal said that touching leads to criminal activity. First there are hand shakes that lead to "high fives" that lead to flailing elbows... The next thing you know, the kids are flashing "gang signals" and having orgy sex in the halls!/ I don't ever want to work another job where kids are involved again. Don't get me wrong... I dig kids. It's the adults I can't get with. But adults rule kids so why do I want to listen to anymore horror stories from kids that are influenced by adults? CRAP!

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