Tuesday, June 5, 2007

CRAP/ My Journal by Al Brathway

June 5th, Tuesday/ I was watching the E True Hollywood Story on Christina Agualierra. I had never seen anything on her so I tuned in on what was being said. I did not know she was so talented at such an early age! For such a small kid she had (has) a BIG voice. So I'm watching and the part comes up about her starting to get some buzz and BANG...the player haters come out! They're like cock roaches lurking around the kitchen at night and Christina comes in to get a glass of water. She turns on the light,(successfully get the water) and they, the cocks... turn on her! What is it w/ people? No one wants anyone to have success. Then, when someone gets it and doesn't want to be bothered w/ people who screwed over them, the cocks... get mad! What is that all about? Why do people, who are unwilling to go after what they want, playa hate people who go after what they want? I'm no different. I playa hate every major college basketball coach who is successful because I was once an (unsuccessful) basketball coach. I mean, I was great as a coach but there is more to it than just coaching games. You have to know how to manipulate your athletic director to get more money for the team. You have to know how to lie to your team to get them to play better and you have to win all of your games so as not to give others the benefit of the doubt to be able to criticize you. They say, "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'!" I didn't chea..., I mean, try hard enough! Maybe I should answer my own questions. I KNOW the answers! Okay, it's jealousy but... but why be jealous? If you had the chance to do something and quit on it, why be jealous of those who get it? Yeah, my head is messed up! Thanks E True Hollywood Story... Thanks a lot! CRAP!

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