Friday, February 24, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 24th, Friday... "Don't believe the hype!" Especially if it's about you!/ Now that Jeremy Lin has met the Miami Heat and had a sub-par game, maybe the media will stop creating the "super hero" they want Lin to be. Lin got the chance to be in the NBA... That's all! He can hang out but he is not going to dominate the thing. What has been proven so far is that there are a lot of bad defenders in the league or, for the sake of entertainment no defense is played to keep the game moving. Miami did not get that memo!
No fault of Lin's. He did not create the hype. He just went into the game, when told, and did what he does! ("Does what he do!" for you Ebonics readers!) He is a basketball player and he strengths and weaknesses like all players. It's the "ding-dang" media that is responsible for the (created) hysteria that surrounds Jeremy Lin.
What I like about the (personified) media is when they create something, then back off of it when called on the carpet. What is proves, to me, is that the media believes that everything that happens is a story and when it is not all that of a great story, they will hash it out until they think it is! Please!
Lin is an innocent bystander in all of this and now he may have to bear some pain because the Miami Heat exposed him. Hopefully he is of sound mind. But, no worries... The Knicks are corporate owned. They have plenty of cheese! They can hire a personal psychiatrist if Lin needs one. They can put him/her on a retainer and fly him/her out when needed!
Keep the faith Lin. You are in the city (Manhattan) where the fantasy becomes the reality! (If you lived in Brooklyn, reality would smack the shit out of you everyday!)

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