Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 19th, Sunday... Lately I have been hearing criticism about the "social media" phenom that has swept the world by storm. What I heard (criticism) is that there is no filter on what's being written or said and it poses a problem for the (more) established media outlets. So, I'm reading all of the accounts I get eyeball on Jeremy Lin (the Asian-American N.Y. Knick) because... well, he can ball! For whatever reason, there are those who were waiting for Lin to fail because he got off to a great start! His numbers were (are) great, save the turnovers. (Actually they are great also. He is leading the league in that category!/ LOL!).
Anyway, almighty ESPN, the omnipotent sports network stuck their athletic foot in their mouth by reporting that there is a "Chink In The Armor" after the Knicks loss to the New Orleans Hornets. Even with the loss, Lin had 26 points and 5 assists!
Institutionalized racism is like a venomous snake... The snake can live with the poison. When we get bitten, uhhh... antidote please!
Should ESPN go off the air? Probably not. Should someone lose their job? Probably! Why should they be allowed to hang around as it were. Shouldn't the person who said or wrote such a derogatory comment be held to a higher standard than that of some unfiltered, "social media" hack?

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