Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 9th, Thursday... Okay, how cool is this? The Giants won the Superbowl by beating the Patriots. Eli Manning is the victor quarterback and Tom Brady is the goat! Gisele Bundchen, Tom's wife, has weighed in the "shady aftermath" by throwing some of Tom's teammates under the bus. Brandon Jacobs of the Giants chimed in that Gisele should shut her yap and stay pretty. Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots all everything tight end got caught tripping the night fantastic at a party on a high ankle sprain and no shirt! This is post Superbowl fodder that has nothing to do with nothing. Who cares???
You would think that grown folks would act grown up after an athletic event. May the best team win. After the game, let the losers lick their wounds however they want to do it. Let the winners bask in the glow of ticker tape and victory. That is unless you are in the entourage of one of the losers and your rent won't get paid because your rent was predicated on your boy's Superbowl check, why be angry?
Maybe it's because of the fact that big boys are playing a little boy's game but are expected to ACT like big boys throughout the process!
Know this about pro sports... Whatever the game, it's a game! The $ is relative! Somebody is going to win and, rest assured, there will be a loser! Prepare yourself for both scenerios because both will happen! Lick your wounds or someone's ass, it doesn't matter. Back biting after a competition is for babies, baby!

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