Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 14th, Tuesday... Okay, now I AM CONFUSED! I read a disturbing article about the embattled Bishop Eddie Long, who pastor's a huge church in Atlanta. Apparantly he participated in some unsavory sexual behavior and got caught and exposed. I already knew about this so it was not the incident(s) that shocked me. What bothered me was the response from a man that I wanted to believe in. I'm talking about TD Jakes, the big time preacher out of Texas who runs a mega church. I watch him on The Word Network, at the request of someome I am starting not to believe in as well. Jakes did not condemn Eddie Long for his behavior. He condemned the "consenting" participants! What the...?
Hey, don't get me wrong> I understand the concept of sticking up for your "crony!" I get it... That's your colleague, your homie, your road dog... You two break bread at the big tables, at the religious retreats at those exotic places! Collars art loosed and there's no telling what's said out of ear shot of the common folk.
But, should I follow a man who speaks (loudly) with a forked tongue? I (now) have a problem with watching and listening to a man who prances across the stage, screaming at the top of his voice about what is righteous behavior and what is not and how I should conduct my life according to the word. If men of such conviction cannot live up to the word of the highest order, why am I listening to them? Oh, what is good for you isn't good for me? I'm not down with that line of thinking at all!
Wait a minute... Maybe my expectations are too high? Just because a man can preach, that does not make him what I think he should be in that position. Maybe I misread the calling. I thought those who are chosen, lived by a standard much higher than the one I live by. I'm the fool. I thought that I am listening to men (and women) who are governed by the laws of Kingdom living! What the hell was I thinking? (Yes the pun is intended!!!)

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