Monday, February 13, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 13th, Monday... Yeah, I went to church yesterday and I'm glad I did! The Pastor was talking about getting your house in order... You know, things like finances, relationships, changing bad habits...Stuff like that. While listening to him, I noticed that when he hit on certain things there were real loud responses from the pulpit and I got to thinking... Is GOD in you or on you?
My thinking is that if GOD is in you, you live right. You are kind to people. Your disposition is cool. You are even keeled. You don't lose your mind in pressure situations. You just conduct yourself in a manner of self-control and respectfully.
When GOD is on you, you are a lunatic! You are evil, you live in deception. You will lie and cheat. You are self-absorbed and you don't care about anyone or anything!
So, I'm sitting there, listening to pastor deliver the word and people are screaming out when he said certain things and I'm thinking... What the...?
How much better would it be if we just treated ourselves better? If we just gave ourselves a chance, how would that translate to how we treat others? And, if that happened, how much better would our lives be?
I mean "what if" as opposed to "what the...?"

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