Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

February 7th, Tuesday... Now that the Super Bowl is over and the Giants beat the almighty NE Patriots, I'm gonna dis-spell a myth. Eli Manning did not beat Tom Brady! Every time I hear a comment about how the quarterbacks compete against each other, I wonder about how many rabid football fans swallow that bull...? In football, offenses play against defenses. Offensive lines have to prevent the defense from getting to the quarterback so that he can operate. Tom Brady never blocked anyone in his professional football life! Eli Manning never had to evade a quarterback's advance to be effective!
The only comparison(s) that can be made between quarterbacks is through statistics and statistics are for freaks who get off on that stuff! I mean, who really cares about which quarterback is going into the Hall of Fame? They're both going in! (Just maybe not at the same time!)
The Giants are better than the Patriots, now. In a couple of years, the whole thing will flip and the Patriots will be better. That's how professional football goes. The Tom Brady's and Eli Manning's will get old and new quarterbacks will replace them. New teams will develop and the past will be remembered fondly and comparisons will abound. And for what? Freaked out statistics geeks will rise again! (Almost like Jesus! Whoa...)

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