Friday, January 27, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 27th, Friday... So I'm flipping channels and I stumble up a show that I do not watch: It's A Brad, Brad World, which is a show about a homosexual fashion dude. I'm watching this guy talk about his childhood, while crying. He is unshaven, hair a mess. He has on fashionable sun glasses and he is going on about how he and his father never got along and I am wondering, what is the perception of a black heterosexual male these days?
Last time I checked, I have an idea of what the white heterosexual male looks like. He is Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) who worships tools and grunts like the Neanderthal man. Are black men now represented by the "rapper" image. You know, hardcore, educated by the street in the hood, life expectancy to 25 years old? (Talk about an endangered species!) Stereotypes abound, I am talking about perceptions. Now-a-days it seems like TV is the portal to the world for most in America. What you see, is! Network TV, news included, is stupid! Cable TV puts it out there! The bad part is the more cash involved, the more idiotic the scenarios. "Reality" TV shows really show to what length people will act (up). Needless to say, black women do not fair well in this genre. Dressed up, weaved up, made up women dating no account men, driving expensive cars and throwing drinks at each other during a stupid argument has the ancestors twisting in their graves like a crocodile performing the death roll!
As outragious as it looks, I wonder what the future holds?

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