Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 3rd, Tuesday... Man, I gotta stop watching network TV in 2012! Cable is cool! It seems more realistic (except for the "reality shows!" LOL! Reality shows being realistic? That's the joke right?)
Anyway, I'm flipping channels & I come across the Wendy Williams Show & it dawns on me... The prerequisite for being on any network talk show, either host or guest, is to be shallow as hell! Education be damned, just know something about fashion, in general, color in particular... Do not worry about how you look. Dress as goofy as you like. For some reason you will be recognized as an "artist!" Talk about some stupid premise & make a mockery of it. (Take marriage for instance. It does not work anymore! so, when you talk about it, make it sound like it does work!) Always give the appearance that you are an expert! It does not matter what the topic is, act like an expert. (Even if you have no paperwork to verify your ass!) And, if you are a big, BLACK, heterosexual male and you want to fool the producers so that you can be on a show- Act gay! That way you will not be menacing looking & threaten the sensibilities of the viewing public! Good luck!

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