Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

January 25th, Wednesday... For the record, I am not a Bible thumper. I cannot recite chapter and verse off the top of my head. I do believe in God so I am not all bad! I try to live right. You know, respect others, respect myself... That sort of thing. I do go to church and I enjoy it. When not in church, I sometimes watch and listen to THE WORD Ministries that come on during the week. All of that being said, I cannot listen to every pastor or bishop or apostle that gets up there and goes through the process of teaching. I say that because I have problems with the presentation and delivery of the WORD by some.
There is one pastor, I won't mention his name, who wrangles my nerves! He is a good preacher, in my opinion, but he always manages to talk about his house, his possessions, his riches... He talks about how much he tithes and how it measures up with how much other pastors tithes... He's like watching religious train wreck performance art! (I can't turn away!)
Maybe I should not be critical of a religious man but am I wrong for feeling this way? I mean, if I visited his home that is set up like a museum and be comfortable in it when I cannot touch anything, when there are no signs posted that says "DO NOT TOUCH!" Not that I would want to touch anything. My fear is that the alarm would go off and security would physically remove me from the premises and, yet, I should be comfortable while visiting. Maybe I don't get it? Maybe I should just submit to a passive-aggressive, masochist who seems to get pleasure out of beating my brains out under the disguise of Christianity! Lord Have Mercy!

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