Friday, December 2, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

December 2nd, Friday... I was on Facebook (man, I have to get off Facebook!) and I read an article about Vanessa Long (Pastor Willie Long's woman) filing for a divorce and then rescinding the petition. When I finished reading, I got to thinking, what is it about people doing what they do? Money? Power? Recognition? Then it hit me... She wants to be the First Lady Of Pedophilia! What else could it be? (LOVE?)
Okay... Lets say it is love. Are women so weak to love that they would subject themselves to circumstances so despicable? (First Lady of Pedophilia!/ LOL!)
I blame Michelle Obama for this. (JOKE!) She started this Black First Lady thing. She brought dignity and class to the position and now Black women are losing their minds trying to be a first lady.
Give it up! The economy is so bad, people will forsake their dignity for some prestige and the almighty dollar. If homeboy really wanted to get down, he should get down with the Atlanta Housewives' freaks. I know pedophilia is a power trip thing but I'd bet Long would be taken on a real power trip with those two! (I can see it now... Bedroom lit with a red bulb and Coolio playing in the background!)

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