Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

December 13th, Tuesday... So what is the significance of a social network like Facebook or SINGLENET when a society of people are anti-social? Communication among people outside of family and tightly woven social circles is a joke.
I used to really like Facebook but my experiences reading false profits and pseudo-intellectuals post sayings and comments that reflect some cosmic understanding about life that everyone else also understands and shares the same feelings about what is said. So the poster gets credit for posting the obvious. But, when their name pops up in the chat box and you speak to them, they go into avoidance mode and have nothing profound to say! What the fuck is that all about?
In the case of a dating network, how do you connect with someone who you find out has posted a false name and made up profile? Can you really trust the process?
I'm cool with the technology and the intent but the result is some BULL!
The idea of "policing thyself" is a joke if you understand that people don't even want the police to "police" them. (Uhh, policing IS their job! DUH!)
So, now I hate Facebook and SINGLENET and any other social network. If I am going to ignore some one's advances, I'd prefer to be ignored the old fashion way. You know... The two ships passing in the night thing. We meet on the street or in a grocery store... We make eye contact... A decision is made to speak by me... And... and, I get no response!

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