Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

December 24th, Saturday... I truly understand the meaning of Christmas! I understand it because the secular meaning is some BS! I NEVER have any money at Christmas time! There is always some insane thing that happens to me that causes me not to be able to buy any presents! This year, my car broke down! Last year, I didn't have a job! Who knows what next year will bring? (I might be... well, you know...)
So, tomorrow will be quiet for me. I will think about the good times I had when I was a kid. I'll also think about when it all turned sour! I'll think about how cool it was that Jesus was born and all that we share in common. I will think about the unfortunate and how blessed I am to also be unfortunate. I will think about how homeless I am and how I don't eat regularly. I will think about not having my cell phone operating in case of an emergency because I ran up the bill with idle chit-chat conversations. I will think about how I have alienated myself because I trust no one. I will think about how I am not in love because I fell out of it a while back. I will think about how optimistically pessimistic I am! I will do a lot of thinking. But, what I will most think about is what will happen after New Years! In about a week I will have a new year to live the same life I have been living until next Christmas... Then, as now< I will experience Groundhogs Day when the vicious cycle repeats itself!

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