Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

December 21st, Wednesday... I just read an article about Kobe Bryant's (Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard) wife Vanessa waited for ten years to pass in their marriage before divorcing him to get a maximum payoff! WOW!
Is it any wonder why the perception of American Society has a bad reputation in other parts of the world? I'm not saying that one society is better or worse than another but... What the hell happened? As far as I can see it, the economy is to blame. If the economy is bad, the move seems to be that some sort of alternative method of creating income has to take place. What better way of earning an income than to sit on your ass and deceptively plot and scheme a plan to systematically embezzle cash from your estranged spouse? That is some cool shit! As far as I can see it, the world hates America because their systems and beliefs will not allow their to consider such a plan and if, by chance one derives such a plan and gets caught, punishment is swift and just.
Of course, in America, you can go to jail but prison may not be so bad. You get three square meals a day. You have a master bedroom with a bathroom. Okay, you do have to do a communal bathing thing but at least you have company. You have exercise privileges and you do get to go outside for a little while. (It seems like it's not long enough but who wants to be out in the sun all day?)Okay, there are gangs and homosexuality and punishments within the confinement of the prison but it's no different than being on the outside. You have a job. You can worship (You can even worship Satan if you prefer!). Come on, I'm talking country club living here!
Maybe it is not worth fixing a bad economy. The alternative looks so much better! (Depending on who you ask!)

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