Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Warped POV by A. Dacosta Brathway

November 30th, Wednesday... I said it! I said it to a friend of mine that another pedophilia situation would come up after the Penn State thing and here it is! This is going to sound real weird but parents don't have a clue what they are releasing their kids to when athletes are recruited and exploited by major universities. Hell, these days it is just college period! Just this year two females were killed on campus at two different colleges in the state of Maryland.
How sad is it to think that you allowed your son to go to a school to aid in his becoming a man and he comes back a... well... violated? Or, your daughter goes away and never comes back home? Sure parents send their kids away to college to get rid of them but they don't want to (really) get rid of them!
And... and... What the hell is this shit? Old, prune faced freaks preying on youngin's? Are you kidding me? Outside of what has been revealed, my fear is that it is STILL going on somewhere! When caught, what should be done with them? Screw rehab! (Pun intended!) Jail the freak and subject his ass to the realm of possibilities! (Pun intended again!) "Allegedly."

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